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On November 26, the call center received a notice from a customer living in Thao Dien Villas District 2. For find leaks underground water.

Worker Find leaks underground water in District 2 was informed. After about 30 ‘find a place and register to work in the villa. Worker to the customer’s home.

Unexpectedly, because the contact is Vietnamese. But when worker came, they were Polish.

Exchange customers in English (different in Vietnamese – BaLan) customers say:

Customer : I do not know where my home is leaking. But last month I had to pay 3 times the water bill. 1 month my house uses 100 cubic meters. Last month paid 430 cubic meters. You can trust not only 3 people in the house.(

Worker: It leaking somewhere? I’ll find it.

After about 5 minutes to plan, and transfer equipment. Workers look for water leaks:

Underground water leakage service in Ho Chi Minh City
Finder leaks in Thao Dien
Underground water leakage service in Ho Chi Minh City
Find all underground water pipes

After 15 minutes of detecting no leaks, customers started showing signs of dissatisfaction with workers.

The worker immediately explained to the customer:
  • First: Water is buried more than 1 meter.
  • 2nd : There is too much noise around, some house is fixing around here so finding leakage location is very difficult. Please wait.

Find again one round: That time! Workers find leak. No skip on any location.

Underground water leakage service in Ho Chi Minh City
Some sound be found

Near the foot of the wall, worker was found leak location. 

Woker: Let me show you! leak location. 

After more than 10 minutes of excavation, the leakage position has appeared.

Then the worker fix this over than 5 minutes.

Customer: You fix it! That so good!  Have another leak ?

Worker: No, sir! just one this. But if had any more i’ll found it!

Customer: Ok! 

Worker: Please, record the water index on the meter. Tomorrow, Give me the change number! if Nothing has improved. I will come back and fix again.

Customer: How to pay for you?

Worker: You can pay money or bank transfer. This is a guarantee slip, sign here sir!  And keep this for next call my service, 10% discount for next time. Very happy serving you sir. And Please call us if you need fix anything.

Customer: ok! i’ll call, Here this for your work. Thank you so much! 

Worker: That my mission! Sir. Good bye sir!

Over than 1 hour to find and fix an underwater leak. Save for you more than you thing!

After one day! The customer call back and tell us. “Your worker very good! 5 stars for him. The meter up more than 2 number, Thank you service.”

Call us now! if you need find leaks underground water!

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